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Quirkbot lets you be creative with technology.

By making inventions you tell your own story in a new way, and learn a ton of new skills in the process.


The perfect companion in the



Create an active environment for learners on all skill levels. 

let the materials you already have come to life!




Are you an educator and interested in teaching technology and programming? We offer a 20% discounted kit for all teachers to get started with Quirkbot.


Watch where children will go with Quirkbot. It can be pretty amazing.
— Sugata Mitra
Prof. Educational technologies
& TEDPrize Winner
Quirkbot is the perfect programmable material for creative making in the intersection between the physical and virtual.
— Santeri Koivisto
Co-founder of Teacher Gaming, the company behind MinecraftEdu





Quirkbot CODE is a simple, creative tool for the whole STEAM field. Programming physical things creates a quick learning curve and engaging results. It's Open and Web-based, so learners can share and experiment.


Visual & text mode

Programming can be done completely in Visual mode. Just drag & drop a few nodes, connect them and press UPLOAD — it’s really that easy!


Check out some projects &

start building your owN!