Guide: Quirkbot Basics

Quirkbot is a little character you can program and construct into different shapes and forms. Connect Strawbees, motors, LEDs and sensors to make your own creatures! It’s a fun and easy way into the inspiring world of physical programming, electronics and mechanics for kids, grown-ups and educators.



When talking about the anatomy, we always refer to the parts from the Quirkbot's perspective, i.e. the LEFT ARM is on your right - just like when you stand in front of any other person.



LED and sensor

LEDs and Light Sensors fit on the horn, legs and arms and are held in place with a straw over it. When putting on an LED, be sure that the long pin of the LED is on the FRONT of the Quirkbot so it can reach and connect with that metallic surface.



Servo Backpack

The backpack connects on the back of the Quirkbot and the motor connects to one of the slots on the backpack. The uppermost pin on the backpack will fit into an open slot on the right side of the battery cover, make sure it's placed right! Also make sure to align the black marking on the backpack slot to the black (or the darker) cable of your servo.



Servo mounts

To fasten the Servo Mount in your construction, here are two examples of how to wrap and connect Strawbees and creating a Servo Mount. You can add more Strawbees connected to each other to increase the friction and pull their legs through the holes to tighten the Servo Mounts.



Attaching a Straw to the servo horn

When putting a straw on the Strawbees on the servo motor arm, make sure to slide it over both the Strawbees and the motor arm itself.




Quirkbot has its own rechargeable battery. The battery starts chargin when the USB cable is connected to a computer or other power sources like a phone charger.