Strawbees are little pieces that connect to each other and to straws. To connect the Strawbees to each other, simply snap one into the other.

Connect with the other Strawbee either into the groove, or push it all the way through.

When connecting a Strawbee to a straw, squeeze the opening of the straw to make it easier.v



If your Strawbee starts to slide off the straw, you can lock it with another Strawbee. We call this the tension lock and you make it by pushing a Strawbee over the straw 'til it clicks. 

Another way is to push the Strawbee all the way in and then add a straw. We call this the extrusion connection and it might look very similar to the tension lock, but it's much easier to take apart and is perfect for extruding and sculpting.



To make two or more Strawbees stick together in a hinge you can push a third one into them.

1) If you snap it into the groove, they will be a moving hinge.
2) If you push all the way through, they will lock into their positions.

Pro tip: Push one Strawbee at a time and if it's hard to fit them into each other, it helps to fold, squeeze, etc. Strawbees are quite resistant.


Lets build a pyramid!

It’s just a matter of creating the very first connection, and continuing from there! To follow an instruction like this, place all the pieces in front of you before you start connecting them.

Try to make a basic shape like the pyramid below. See how strong a structure based on triangles can be? Pro tip: Bend the Strawbee arms to make the edges sharper.