There are many ways to build a robot that strides along through a swinging motion. If you want to start by following these instructions you will need this material:

  • Scissors
  • 8 Straws
  • 4 1-legged Strawbees
  • 3 2-legged Strawbees
  • 4 3-legged Strawbees
  • 1 Quirkbot & Backpack
  • 1 Servo-motor
  • Small screwdriver

Start by getting the servo mount together. Then you attach the legs as well as the head which will swing back and forth.

You can always extend your Striderbot by for example adding more straws to the feet. Be creative and don't be afraid to try different things out!



Connect a 2-legged Strawbee to the arm on the Servo, called the servo horn. Do this before you attach the servo horn to the motor with the little screw.


The servo horn and Strawbee are held in place by a straw overlapping them both together. 

This can be a little bit tricky! Try wiggling the Strawbee leg up and down a bit to get the straw over the servo horn. Or make the opening of the straw a little larger with a pencil. Or cut the tip of the straw diagonally making the pointy tip slide over the servo arm more easily.




To make your Striderbot move, the easiest way to start is by using a Wave and a Servo Motor.

Drag a Wave into your CODE area and connect it to a Servo Motor. Be sure to set the place where it's connected on the backpack: SERVO_BP1 or SERVO_BP2.

If you want to make the Quirkbot blink, you can also connect a new or an existing wave to an LED that you place on the eyes or mouth.  

The program you see to here is a part from our Striderbot example program. It will also make the LED eyes and mouth of the Quirkbot flash. If you open this link, you can edit the code however you want, and even save it on your own account.